Polishes used:
China Glaze - Bump In The NightSalon Perfect - Oil SlickZoya - CosmoLiving Dead Lacquer - It’s Alive!
You can pick up the polish I’m holding RIGHT NOW from Living Dead Lacquer, my new polish brand! Until 9/30/14, you can pick up the full 5 piece collection for the price of 4 individual bottles!
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Posted 5 days ago

Fall Nails
It’s finally fall! Halloween! Cool weather! Apples! Pumpkins! Horror movies! Camping! Fall festivals! OMG!!! As you probably guessed already, I love fall.
These are my NOTW entry for nailpornography this week. I thought about what I was going to do for a while and picked apples and pumpkins!
One of my favorite things to do in October that isn’t entirely Halloween related is head up to North GA for the annual apple festival and swing by the pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin (or six) to carve.
Okay, back to nails! I did a pumpkin on middle and an apple on ring finger and watermarbled my index and pinky.
Polishes used:
Salon Perfect - Sugar CubeChina Glaze - Seas The DayChina Glaze - Stoked To Be Soaked
Details with acrylic craft paint. c:
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Sinful Colors Halloween 2014 Swatches
Today I have four (five if you count the one I’m holding) Halloween polishes from Sinful Colors to share! I didn’t actually swatch the glow polish I was holding, I just couldn’t decide which other one to hold.
Each swatch is two dabbed coats except my index finger is three (and still not full coverage).
Index finger: Mystery MoonshineThis is the first one I picked up and honestly the most disappointing. Personally I like my glitter polishes to be packed with glitter. This one looks pretty dense in the bottle, but, as you can see, not so much on the nail. And I used three dabbed coats! Still pretty, but kind of a letdown in my opinion.
Middle finger: Splatter SpellAfter seeing this one on Instagram, I had to go hunt it down. Classic Halloween colors. I used two dabbed coats and it’s pretty perfect. One or two regular coats of this would look nice over a grey, purple, or white this season.
Ring finger: Cauldron CoutureAnother two dabbed coat-er. This might actually be my favorite of the four/five. The glitter payoff on this one if better than the previous two, but dabbing still gets the full coverage. Two regular or one dabbed coat over a black base would probably work fine, too.
Pinky finger: Pumpkin SpiceHad to get this because of the name and the beautiful fall colored glitter. Being a white girl, over the past few years I’ve fallen into the Pumpkin Everything trap, but I give no fucks. I love me some pumpkin spice lattes/iced coffees, candles, hand sanitizers, body washes, cuticle oil, polish remover, you get it. I used two dabbed coats. I think this would be lovely over a nude base. Maybe a glitter gradient? I’ll have to try that now. c:
Holding: Glow In The DarkI didn’t swatch, but it’s nothing too special. The only other glow polish I had was from Party City a few years ago, so I wanted to replace it. This glows a bright green (as expected) after just a few seconds of charge. From previous experiences, wearing this over a darker color would probably be pointless, but I’m not 100% sure with this one, so don’t trust me there.
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Posted 1 week ago

Butter London - Big Smoke & Zoya - Cosmo
I got the Zoya polish buy one get one free… making each of the four I got $5. But the better part of this money saving brag is BL. It was 2/$15 at Ulta last weekend, AND boyfriend’s mom had a coupon she wasn’t going to use for $9 off with no exceptions. So, I ended up getting the two polishes for $6 + tax… OR $3 + tax EACH!! The girl at the register was even flipping out! 
To be honest, I don’t know why anyone would spend so much on their polish. Any time I wear any, it never lasts. I put this on Thursday night, and by Friday after work I had hardly any polish left on my thumb, index, or pinky fingers. Maybe it’s just me, though.
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Yellow Nail Art
Over the weekend we headed to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park so obviously I had to paint my nails yellow. For the first time in a while they turned out exactly how I’d imagined!
Polishes used:
China Glaze - Sun Upon My SkinSally Hansen - Mellow Yellow (New formula. I’m surprised how much I’ve used it since I bought it!)Salon Perfect - Sugar Cube
I used regular chevron and straight nail vinyls from nailvinyls.com. The straight nail vinyls are a little wider than striping tape which I love because doubling up striping tape for wide stripes just does not work.
While we were at the festival, I picked up my first glass nail file. I’d seen them every year and considered getting one many times, but never did. I’m really excited to try it out and I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know how I like it. Personally, I hate using nail files. The sound and the feeling is like nails on a chalkboard for me. The fact that I even use one now still surprises me, but I hate every second of it.
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Julep - Kirby
This one’s intense! Usually if I want full glitter coverage, I have to dab at least two coats, not this baby! My index and pinky are one, thin, dabbed coat. I brushed very little polish onto my sponge and rolled it over my nails and voila! Glitter! To show how Kirby and Mary Lee go together (which I think is wonderfully) I did a simple glitter gradient on my middle and ring fingers. 
I love the glitter shards in this one the most. It really helps with the coverage and diversity in the polish imo. Instead of just a bunch of different sized hexes, the shards are all random. I don’t know. I just really like it. :3
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Julep - Mary Lee
It photographed more brown than red for some reason and no type of lighting helped. I used two coats and no top coat to show the satin finish. Personally, I’m not crazy about matte or satin finishes, but a top coat helps that.
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Bliss Polish - Jax (plus top coat)
Last time I swatched this, I forgot to show it with top coat. So… ta-da!
Great excuse to wear Jax with the season premiere of Sons about to come on. AND!! Bliss just released a new SOA collection about an hour ago! I snagged the mini set and finally got my hands on Gemma.
Black is “Little Black Dress” from Ulta
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Full Rhinestone Accent Nail
I’m not really a huge fan of obnoxious rhinestones, but I have an endless amount of black and clear rhinestones so I figured why not?
I thought I might have maybe liked it a little bit once I was finished, but no. Just not really my thing I guess. I like being able to function when my nails are done and all the bling just got in my way, so I plucked them all off one by one. :3
Orly’s “Goth” was the only polish I used here. Rhinestones were from Sally Hansen’s I Heart Nail Art kit and I “glued” them down with a crappy top coat I had stashed away.
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